Can You Afford To Go To The Met Ball?

The annual Met Gala is almost upon us. It’s the ultimate red carpet event, where fashion and fame collide, and it’s so elite your chances of attending are about as good as your reclusive Aunt Marjorie's. But, you know how the old saying goes: nothing is impossible. If Kim Kardashian can make it from Ray J’s arm to Anna Wintour’s, then who’s to say you can’t make it to the Met Ball too? It’s not going to be easy. The guest list is only 650-700 people, and with so many of those being personal guests of Anna’s, A-list celebrities, and fashion bigwigs, there’s not much room left for mere mortals. So, if you’re hell-bent on going this year and you’re not on the “freebie” list, you need either an exorbitantly high disposable income, or some kind of work-related or personal “in," and even then you’re going to have to be prepared to drop some bucks, too. If you want to know if you’re eligible for Met Gala attendance this year, follow our handy infographic to see if you make the cut.
Illustrated by Elliot Salazar.

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