Is Blake Lively The New Jennifer Lawrence? This Interview Points Strongly To Yes

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Blake Lively is currently everywhere because she has a new movie coming out tomorrow. It also feels like we're oversaturated with Lively because she was MIA for a few months when she gave birth to baby James. Now that she's back on the circuit doing press for The Age of Adaline, every day seems to bring a new round of humorous, charming, and self-deprecating quotes and stories. It almost reminds us of another actress who's known for being hilariously candid, one Jennifer Lawrence. Lively's interview with Seth Meyers is so Lawrence-esque, one has to wonder if she's becoming the new queen of self-deprecating movie promotion. The case unfolds as follows. Lively and Meyers focused her interview on her bad manners. Apparently, Blake Lively is Vivian from Pretty Woman, only Hector Elizondo isn't there to teach her which fork to use for the ceviche. This has led to all sorts of embarrassing situations. Lively cites one example of a dinner at The Ritz in Paris with Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld. She ordered scones with bacon, cheese, and butter, which first of all, props to you, Blake Lively, on ordering that particular menu item in front of those formidable dining companions.  The other issue was that Blake Lively is not a neat eater, nor did she know how to approach eating bacon, cheese, and scones in front of others. She described the problem with not just any ol' movie analogy, but one that would tug at anyone's heartstrings. That's right, Lively went Titanic on us.  "I was Jack Dawson in Titanic, and I just wanted to pass someone a note by a clock because I did not belong there, and go down to the Irish people and spin. There were no Irish people around," she told Meyers.  Lively's husband, Ryan Reynolds, even says she doesn't gain weight because only 10% of the food she attempts to eat actually makes it into her mouth. Also, while they're on the subject of Ryan Reynolds, Lively just happened to have another etiquette-related snafu involving him and the President. See, she accidentally deleted a voicemail he once left for Reynolds, and when Lively found herself at a small dinner with Obama, she asked if he could leave another one.  It takes seriously J Lawr-style skill to somehow tell multiple stories about Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, Ryan Reynolds, and the President of the United States and come off as one of the people rather than an untouchable celebrity with an unattainable life. Kudos to you, Blake Lively, on reaching a new level of fame that only Jennifer Lawrence before you has reached: approachable in a completely unfathomable way.

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