What You Need To Know About Google’s New Wireless Service

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Google just made an exciting announcement that could change the way we use our phones and tablets. It's called Project Fi, and it's a new take on the data plan. Instead of paying a flat rate each month for a certain amount of data (and being charged overage fees if you use more), Project Fi will pay you back if you end up not using all the data you paid for. This is, frankly, pretty revolutionary. Google isn't the first to offer pay-as-you-go Internet connectivity (Karma already does that for WiFi), but it's definitely one of the first to take this approach when it comes to cellular coverage.  Here are the basics of what you should know about Project Fi.  What exactly is Project Fi?
Project Fi is a wireless phone service. It seamlessly connects you to the Internet, whether it's over a WiFi, 3G, or 4G LTE connection (because honestly, we don't really care what we're connected to, as long as it's solid). It uses Sprint and T-Mobile's LTE networks.  How much does it cost?
Project Fi starts at $20/month. That includes unlimited calls and texting in your country, and Wi-Fi tethering. On top of that, you pay for your date usage: $10/month for 1 GB, $20/month for 2 GB of data, $30/month for 3 GB of data, etc. So, how is it different from my current data plan?
Unlike your current plan, Project Fi will give you a refund on your next bill if you don't actually use all of the data you initially paid for. How rad is that? So, if you pay for 3 GB of data but only use 1.2 GB, you'd get $18 back.  What phones and tablets does it work with?
Right now, it only works with Google's flagship Nexus 6 smartphone. If you don't have one, you can buy one for $650 when you sign up for Project Fi.  It does also work with tablets and computers — if you're using Google Hangouts, you can send calls, texts, and voicemails through the Fi network.  Where is it available?
Project Fi is available across most of the U.S., but you can double-check availability where you live by going here

How do I sign up?

Project Fi is contract-free, but you have to request an invite here

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