This Awesome Mom Live-Tweeted Her Kid’s Sexual Abstinence Class

Illustrated by Ly Ngo.
Having your mother tag along to a sex-ed class may sound like any kid's worst nightmare, but we're grateful that Alice Dreger's teen son let her join his lesson on abstinence. In additon to being a concerned parent, Dreger is an author and sex researcher specializing in intersex. As she writes in The Stranger, she took the opportunity to sit in on his high school health class for a lesson on sexual abstinence.  Dreger writes, "I told my son why I think teaching teenagers abstinence is stupid, channeling all I’ve come to understand thanks to years of listening to the Savage Lovecast: (1) Sex is pleasurable, and there’s no good reason you should deny it to yourself if you have a consenting partner and you’re on the same page. (2) Marrying someone who you haven’t had sex with is a potential disaster. How do you know if you’re sexually compatible? (3) Whomever you love enough to marry deserves to have you well-practiced at sex before you marry."   Dreger acknowledges that the sex-ed teaching at her son's school is not abstinence-only ("it's just very shaming about pre-martial sex," she tweeted), but she wanted to observe firsthand the lessons the class was being taught. She also decided to live-tweet the experience. 
That's just a sampling of Dreger's outraged tweets, but you can read more here. The upside is that Dreger later bought her son a box of condoms, but is in hot water with school officials for dropping an "f bomb." Here's hoping that won't stop schools from letting other parents take a more active stance in their children's education. 

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