The App Every Drunk-Dialer Needs

Photo: Courtesy Drunk Mode.
We get it. You go out for a few casual drinks, tack on a shot or two because the bartender was feeling generous, and start to feel a bit envious of the frisky couples surrounding you. Hmm. Why yes, now is the perfect time to place a flirty call to the Tinder cutie you're planning to meet for a civilized coffee next week. Better yet, why not hedge your bets and see if your no-strings-attached playmate is out and about? Good thing you never followed through on your threat to block their number! While you're at it, it's just dawned on you that you and your ex still have some unresolved issues. No, they can't wait until morning. Alternatively, why not skip out the morning-after mortification and download Drunk Mode instead? The free app is a party animal's safety net. For starters, you set the phone to drunk mode and choose certain contacts (you know the ones) to block in a preemptive strike against drunk dialing. If you start to feel like you're just cockblocking yourself, answering a tricky "Drunk Quiz" question will disable the drunk mode and leave you free to call whichever potential conquest you like. Really! The other features are "Find a Ride," which links you to car services like Lyst and Uber, and "Find My Drunk," which uses GPS to track down your best friend who went off to the dance floor and hasn't been seen since. Finally, "Breadcrumbs" lets you retrace your steps from the night before when you inevitably wake up in the morning without your coat/wallet/inflatable cactus after the office Cinco de Mayo party. There's one fatal flaw: There's not a damn thing this app can do for hangovers.

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