This Harry Potter Sorting Hat Bot Tweets You A Rhyme

Photo: Courtesy Warner Bros.
I honestly can't count how many times I've taken "Which Hogwarts house do you belong in?" quizzes over the years. Now, there's an amazing Harry Potter Sorting Hat bot on Twitter that sorts you and then tweets you a customized rhyme with your house assignment.  It works like this: Once you follow @SortingBot on Twitter, you're added to a queue. When it gets to you, the bot automatically generates and tweets you a (140 characters or less) rhyme that includes your house assignment. While we'd like to think some deep behind-the-scenes algorithmic analysis is happening to determine these house placements, it's actually completely random.  According to The Next Web, Darius Kazemi, the mastermind behind @SortingBot, put the algorithm together after studying the Sorting Hat's songs in the Harry Potter books. Arranged in lines of four, the songs loosely follow an iambic tetrameter and have an ABCB rhyming scheme. Kazemi got the idea for the bot after seeing a friend acting as the Sorting Hat on Twitter.  Since this is a bot, not a human, creating the rhymes, the results are often a little nonsensical — but honestly, that just makes them more fun. And hilarious. Here are a few examples it recently concocted. 
Amazing, right? We're adding ourselves to the @SortingBot queue to get our assignment right now. Fingers crossed for Gryffindor! 

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