Will Eating A Grilled Cheese Sandwich Improve Your Sex Life?

In honor of National Grilled Cheese Day on April 12, dating and social networking site Skout polled nearly 5,000 users on their thoughts about — you guessed it — grilled cheese.  

And what participants thought of this classic dish is pretty telling — at least regarding their sex lives, reports Time.    

Thirty-two percent of grilled cheese lovers claim they are getting it on at least six times a month, compared to the 27% who don’t like grilled cheese (wait, there are actually people out there who don’t like this delicious sandwich?). Additionally, only 63% of grilled cheese haters are having sex once a month, while 73% of those who love it can say the same.

Another surprising finding: Even though grilled cheese sandwiches are probably the most basic sandwich out there, people who dislike the dish are less likely to be adventurous, says Skout

So, if you heart grilled cheese you're likely more adventurous and having more sex? Hell yeah! We won't say it's a great idea to combine the two, but it's also not an awful one. Who's up for some post-sex sandwiches?

Below are a few grilled cheese recipes to get you, ahem, started.

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