The Perfect Grilled Cheese: There’s A Scientific Formula For That

grilled-cheese-san-franciscoPhotographed by Jasmine Gregory.
The humble grilled-cheese sandwich is a snack we never tire of. Morning, noon, and way past the midnight hour, we are happy to chow down on this gooey, crispy, buttery piece of culinary joy. And now, it is revealed that there is a way to achieve the perfect toastie each and every time, courtesy of a scientific formula. Say, what?
Scientists at the Royal Society of Chemistry joined forces with the British Cheese Board to work on this culinary endeavor. The society’s science executive Ruth Neale says, "To measure what makes the 'perfect' cheese on toast we looked at three different components — the consistency of the temperature of the melted cheese across the slice, the texture of the cheese, and the taste." So far, so understood, but what about the actual results?
Well, it seems 50 grams of hard cheese should be placed on a slice of white bread, 10 millimetres thick, (really, no whole grain?) under a grill heated to 115 Celsius at a distance of 18 centimetres from the grill itself. Click here to see the formula in all its glory, and let us know if it makes the grade against your preferred method of grilling. Personally, we’re a little sorry that there isn't any mention of cheese-to-chutney ratio here. (The Huffington Post)

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