You’ll Never Guess What They Found At The Playboy Mansion

What's a famous actor to do when they want to spend time at the Playboy Mansion, but don't want prying eyes (or, you know, their wife) seeing them drive in? Apparently, they stroll in through an underground tunnel — assuming it's the '70s and you're Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty, Kirk Douglas, or James Caan, that is. Recently, Playboy editors stumbled upon Polaroids from 1977 showing underground construction work on the property. "We asked the new general manager at The Mansion about these photos," Playboy editors wrote on the magazine's website. "He said, very matter-of-factly, 'that’s probably when they built the tunnels in the 70s.'"  Delving deeper, the editors were granted access to a basement full of old blueprints, confirming the existence of the tunnels. The blueprints show all four actors' names — one reading "northbound tunnel to Mr. J. Nicholson residence." According to the article, it was apparently closed up in 1989.  It sounds like the stuff of Hollywood lore, but this time, it seems positively true. Scroll down to peek the photos they dug up, and head over to Playboy if you're curious to know more. 
Editors explored an unfinished basement at the Playboy Mansion, which was chock-full of blueprints detailing the tunnels.
The tunnel in all its secretive glory.
Polaroids dating October 17, 1977 depict excavation at the property.
Final thoughts: Why have these photos never surfaced?

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