Cate Blanchett Has No Time For Cat Talk

Photo: Jeremy Piper / Newspix/Rex/REX USA.
You know that quote about there being no such thing as a stupid question? Clearly, that doesn't apply when Cate Blanchett is involved. Reporter Jonathan Hyla of The Project found that out the hard way when he sat down to interview the Cinderella actress. Did he ask her about her method for playing the evil stepmother so devilishly? No. Did he pick her brain about life as an Oscar winner, or her incredible work with the theater community in Sydney? No. Did he drum up a lame question about working with a cat on the set of Cinderella? Ding-ding-ding! Of course he did.  "How were you able to get that cat to do what you wanted to on a leash?" Hyla asked, referring to that menacing Lucifer the cat. "I tried to put my girlfriend’s cat on a leash, and it just never works for me." Thanks for sharing, Jonathan. Let's see what Blanchett had to say.  "That's your question?" she responded, shooting a look that would have sent ol' Cinders rushing to sob her eyes out in a fountain. "That's your fucking question?" Not surprisingly, the interview — which veered between flirting and feigned animosity — ended there and then. Blanchett bid Hyla adieu, offering a hand then pulling it back before he could shake it. Total Steve Sanders move.  Let this be a lesson learned, kid. Those questions only work if you're Hugh Grant, on assignment for Horse & Hound

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