Blake Lively Finally Acknowledges Her Hair Has Super Powers

It isn't a secret that Blake Lively has the best tresses in all of Hollywood (the world?). From her Serena van der Woodsen curls to the sleek up-dos she sports on the red carpet, Blake's honey-blonde highlights have been the envy of pretty much everyone for like, ever. For the first time in history, the actress is publicly admitting that she knows how great her hair is. In fact, Lively believe it has actual super powers. The new mom even posted a photograph to prove her point:
LOL. It's clear Blake has been watching some animated flicks with her little girl! Her tounge-in-cheek tribute to The Incredibles is just the latest in a slew of funny social posts from Lively and husband Ryan Reynolds. The pair, who just revealed the highly anticipated name of their daughter, have been posting goofy pictures online all week, including an amazing tribute to Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake's infamous denim ensembles.  Lively quickly added a second post to show off one of her actual amazing hairstyles, but we have to say... we're kind of partial to the first one!

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