8 Of Reese Witherspoon's Coolest Social Media Moments

Reese Witherspoon turns 39 today, and if the toddler breakfasts she displays on Instagram are anything to go by, the birthday girl will be celebrating with Mickey Mouse-shaped waffles with a side of freshly ripened strawberries fashioned into hearts. 

It's hard to believe that the former teen actress is closing in on 40 — especially when you consider that she's been in the spotlight longer than she's been out of it. The past year proved that's she not slowing down; in 2014, Witherspoon not only bagged an Oscar nomination for her empowering role in Wild, she also produced the hit thriller Gone Girl

But, we're not here to talk about her acting career, or her established status as America's Sweetheart. One of the things we love most about this Southern belle is her social media savvy. She's one of the few A-listers to keep it real on Instagram. What other Oscar winner greets you almost daily with a book recommendation, a food selfie, an inspiring quote, or a behind-the-scenes snap of her hanging out with Hollywood's finest without it being Goop propaganda?

In honor of the birthday gal, we're breaking down her greatest contributions to social media. Take it away, bae.

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