Everything You Wanted To Know About Shoshanna’s Hair On Girls

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.

People either love Girls or
hate it. Regardless of your feelings, there's one thing everyone can agree
on: Shoshanna Shapiro has some pretty intense hairstyles. The Internet has
adored Shosh's mane since she debuted the doughnut bun in season 2. But,
this season, viewers have noticed that she's sporting some toned-down
locks. Is our Shosh finally growing up?      

To get the scoop, we chatted with Sherry
Heart, the hair designer on Girls
and Scunci hair expert. Below, she
spills on everything from her favorite Shosh style to her go-to products on set
— and, of course, tomorrow’s finale. Want to ask her something yourself? Sherry is doing a Twitter chat with Scunci tomorrow — so mark your calendars. 


Why do you think the Internet is so obsessed with Shoshanna's hair?
"Because her character is just
so quirky. She's like a cartoon character, and she changes her hair all the
time. And, her styles are always like a fun, fun hairdo. It changes the most,
because she doesn't like to be pigeonholed… She's always evolving."      

Speaking of that, her hair has been noticeably toned-down this season — she has a bob. Does this speak to the evolution of her character?
"When we start each season, we all get together and have a production meeting. Lena [Dunham] and Jenni [Konner, the executive producer] both agreed that they wanted to go in a toned-down direction with Shosh's hair. Also, she's trying to get into the workplace. They didn't want her to have crazy hair while doing interviews. So, the bob was easy for her to do some vintage styles with cool hair accessories. We figured we'd make it a hair accessories year for her." 
Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
What was your favorite style from this season?
"Definitely Shoshanna's bobby pin hairdo, when she had multiple pins in her hair. It's when her and Ray are going out shopping. I thought it was so cute."  How about your favorite Shoshanna style of all time?
"Well, the doughnut bun, of course. I'm like everyone else. They parodied it on SNL, so that's the biggest form of compliment. We were working on these girls going out to this event in the show, and we were thinking about doing pretty fun stuff... We'd just gotten our hands on the Scunci bun maker, and we put it to work. That's the style that's probably most representative of her."  Does Zosia have a lot of input when it comes to Shosh's hair?
"She does have a little bit of input. But, mostly, she just kind of sits back and lets me do what I want to do. She doesn't try to turn me one way or another. Over the years, our hair department has turned out some pretty crazy styles, so she's used to it." Is there a certain product you constantly reach for backstage?
"Dry shampoo — doesn't have to be a certain brand. Definitely the Scunci ponytail holders. I use that a lot for ponytails, because it doesn't rip the hair out when it comes out. Then, sea-salt spray. Sachajuan makes my favorite one. Also, Scunci bobby pins — always those. They're one of my five favorite hair accessories." What does the future of Shoshanna's hair look like?
"Well, we start shooting in April. I'll meet with Lena and Jen and the wardrobe designer, and I'll see what they have her going towards [clothing-wise]. And then, I kind of come in with ideas that play off of that. But, I generally make my ideas based on what her story looks like that season. I'd always love her to go toward a crazy style, but, if anything, there will definitely be more hair accessories." 

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