5 Ways To Survive March Madness If You’re Not A Sports Fan

The annual NCAA basketball tournament, lovingly referred to as March Madness, begins this week. If you’re not super into sports, we’ve got a few ideas of how you can survive the madness — and maybe even have some fun along the way. March Madness is an overwhelming time for fans and non-fans alike. There are so many teams to keep track of, games are seemingly always on in the midst of other obligations, and some of us only went to small liberal arts colleges where ‘90s a capella night was the most intense sporting event of the year. However, we all have close friends and loved ones who will be devoted to their brackets all month come Thursday. Here’s how we’re going to survive:
1. Guessing is Fun! 
Take a risk! Join a betting pool with your friends or coworkers. Make a fun game for yourself! Simply select your teams at random based purely which names sound appealing, controversial, or weird (The Blue Devils? Let’s find out what that’s all about!) and your chances of winning some cash are probably just as good as your peers who are eagerly reading up on the stats. You can also pick teams based on what city they’re from — a perfect aspirational vacation planner. College towns are adorable!
2. Rank Your Crushes 
Muscular college guys in tank tops? I’m on board. Do the research that is worthy of your time and find out which schools are bringing the goods this year. This writer’s picks for the Final Four in this competition are Oklahoma State UniversityIndiana UniversitySyracuse University, and Creighton University.
Photo: Courtesy of Disney.
3. Give Your Favorite Basketball Movies A Re-Watch
If you’re really not feeling the real basketball games, use this month as an excuse to catch up with your favorite fictional players. Disney Channel Original Movies Luck of the Irish and Double Teamed likely played a big part in your early preteen life. Take our word for it: They’re still PRETTY inspiring if you give them a re-watch now. Get into the basketball spirit, and relive the power of athletic female twins kicking historical ass — and that leprechaun curse thing.
4. Embrace The Inspirational Stories
So, you’re not super into the stats of basketball. Heck, you’re not even completely sure about the rules of the game. You don’t have to understand the intricacies of basketball strategy to get swept up in the season’s best storylines. Read up on some of the athletes’ inspiring backstories, or about the heartwarming events surrounding the competition. It will make watching the games that much more compelling, and help you survive pretty much every water-cooler conversation you might encounter between now and the Final Four.
5. Get Into The Music 
No irony here. This rules. Replace your Beyoncé jogging mix with this track on a loop for the entirety of the month. Get inspired.

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