Dolce & Gabbana Made Surprising Remarks About Same-Sex Families

Dolce & Gabbana make truly wonderful clothes, but my goodness do these two bring the controversy. In a recent interview with Italian magazine Panorama, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana (a former couple) knocked same-sex families, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The two reportedly told the publication: "We oppose gay adoptions. The only family is the traditional one. No chemical offsprings and rented uterus: life has a natural flow, there are things that should not be changed." Domenico even went so far as to say, "You are born to a mother and a father – or at least that's how it should be. I call children of chemistry, synthetic children. Uteri [for] rent, semen chosen from a catalog." Not long after, Elton John (father of two) took to Instagram to slam the designers and their thoughts on "synthetic" children, proclaiming, "I shall never wear Dolce and Gabbana ever again. #BoycottDolceGabbana." 
This isn't the first time the talented duo has been in hot water. In 2013, they caught flack for sending racist earrings down the runway, and in 2010 Stefano made a similar statement around same-sex relationships: "A child needs a mother and a father. I could not imagine my childhood without my mother. I also believe that it is cruel to take a baby away from its mother." All of this comes mere weeks after the fashion house showcased motherhood in the best way possible at their Milan Fashion Week presentation. It's upsetting for them to have such a narrow scope of what a parent (or a child for that matter) is. 

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