It’s Friday The 13th Again & These People Really Don’t Get It

Photo: Eva K Salvi

Oh, boy, everyone, it's Friday the 13th again. Which means
that you shouldn't leave the house if there's a ladder parked in front of your
front door or something. No, actually it means Twitter is blowing up with
people reminding everyone that it's Friday the 13th. They're very helpful in
this regard.

They're also generously sharing some wisdom about this supposedly
unlucky day. Except, um, some of them don't really get how bad luck and
superstitions actually work. We thought we'd share some of our favorites.

First of all, do we really need to explain the
calendar and how many days are in February? 

So, having bad luck is not the same thing as being haunted, or making poor fashion choices.

Nor is it in any way related to being American. Just ask the

It's not really recognized as the day your mom grants

It's become a thing for tattoo parlors to offer big discounts on Friday the 13th. You know what you should never get? A discount tattoo.

Of course, everyone has really mixed up the Friday the 13th
movie franchise with what we're supposed to be afraid of in real life. The best
is when people also mix up who's in which franchise.

Also, movies and unlucky numbers aside, this might be good
advice any day of the week?

Now that you've taken all of this in, you should probably go
out and enjoy the fact that IT'S FRIDAY, dammit!      

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