How To Travel Cheaper In One Easy Hack

Photographed by Mindy Best.
It's happened to everyone. After endless online sleuthing, you finally book a hotel room for your next big trip. A day later, you get an alert: The price for a room at the very same hotel just took a major dip. Unfortunately, you're the sucker who booked early, so you'll have to shell out a higher rate while some Johnny-come-lately gets the same room for much less. Cue frustrated fist-waving. Finally, that scenario could be a thing of the past. Meet DreamCheaper, a Berlin-based start-up that aims to find travelers the best hotel deals available. Sounds familiar, but where DreamCheaper differs is in its approach to saving you money after, not before, you make a reservation. Once you've booked a room you forward the reservation confirmation to DreamCheaper. The site continues to search for the best rates, taking full advantage of fluctuating prices and flexible booking options. If it finds a better rate at the same hotel, it will cancel your original reservation and rebook you at the cheaper price, and in exchange, you pay DreamCheaper 20% of the amount saved. No more buyer's remorse. The only caveat is that your original reservation must be one that allows you to cancel without incurring a fee.  According to TechCrunch, customers save approximately 15% of their original booking fee when using DreamCheaper. Granted, you'll probably blow that on the minibar, but it's something, right?

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