15 Adam Levine Quotes Made Better By Queen Latifah GIFs

Adam Levine's and Queen Latifah's birthdays are coming up on March 18. Usually this is where we could point to other things they have in common, aside from their D.O.B. Yes, they're both famous, and they're both talented singers. But, that's pretty much where it ends when it comes to shared interests.
Perhaps the biggest difference between them is how the public shakes its collective head at Levine while universally adoring Latifah. More specifically, Levine's got an unfortunate condition where most of what he says becomes fodder for the Adam Levine Is A Douchebag Campaign*.  It's annoying, because the Maroon 5 singer is probably a chill guy — he just cannot seem to say a single thing to convince us of that fact.
But, we've found a way to work around this inconvenience. If you take any of his quotes and pretend Queen Latifah said them, they become instantly rad and wonderful. Don't believe us? Ahead, 15 examples — illustrated with Latifah GIFs, of course.
*Not a real campaign.

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