Aw! Robert Pattinson Gave Girlfriend FKA Twigs A Promise Ring

Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images.
It's possible that the love affair between Robert Pattinson and FKA twigs is getting hotter than her delectable first album, LP1. Rumor has it that the pair is wearing matching promise rings, which Pattinson gave to twigs in December. Hey, that's right around the time he introduced her to Mom and Pops Pattinson. Occam's razor suggests that was not just a coincidence!

According to E!'s mystery source, who insists on meeting reporters at a parking garage in the dead of night, Pattinson gathered a few pals together for an intimate dinner with him and twigs, which is where he shared the news that he wants to marry her. Like, you know, someday. They're busy people, doing busy people things — making defiantly grown-up movies that are 100% vampire-free, touring the world as an acclaimed musician, and so on. E!'s source speculates that the two could be engaged by summer. We'll keep a close eye on their fingers and keep you posted. [E!]

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