Robert Pattinson’s Parents Liked FKA Twigs (Because Who Wouldn’t?)

Photo: Courtesy Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Surface
While you were fending off questions about your love life and career prospects over undercooked ham, other people like FKA twigs and Robert Pattinson were having a very merry Christmas, thank you. The fabulously stylish chanteuse accompanied her new beau home for the holidays, and his parents evidently approve of the match — because why wouldn't they?
According to the Daily Mail, a "family friend" even said that they like her better than Kristen Stewart. Now, let's not encourage any girl-on-girl hate, but it's always cool when your folks are stoked on your new significant other. In any case, this family friend mentioned that "FKA is not as clean-cut, but that makes her more fun, and Robert can get very serious."
We're not so sure about this "clean-cut" business; it doesn't exactly pass the sniff test when it comes to coded speech, and also, have they seen any of Pattinson's movies lately? He got a prostate exam in the back of a limo in Cosmopolis, directed by freaky art house darling and silver fox David Cronenberg. If you're feeling kinky, here's a shoot he did for Premiere magazine in France that was an homage to Cronenberg films, like the creepy classic Videodrome. Yes, that thing on his stomach is supposed to look like a vagina.
Anyway, FKA twigs and RPattz had a cooler Christmas than you. [Vulture]

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