Ikea Solves Every Problem Ever With Phone-Charging Furniture

Photo courtesy of Ikea.
Your days of searching for a spare phone charger are over. Swedish furniture retailer Ikea just announced that the company will release a line of bedside tables, lamps, and desks that will wirelessly charge your smartphone. Naturally, we are freaking out. The furniture will be powered by Qi, a current leader in wireless charging technology. Unfortunately, several phones aren't yet compatible with Qi technology, including the iPhone. But, fear not! There are special cases that allow Apple users to charge their phones using Qi-capable pieces. The Ikea furniture will need to be connected to an electrical outlet; each piece contains a wireless charging pad on the surface that will transfer energy to your smartphone. No more hoping you don't trip over your phone charger in the dark on your way across the room.
Photo courtesy of Ikea.
According to the Wall Street Journal, the collection will hit shelves in select European and North American Ikea stores starting April 15. A global release will follow shortly after. Price points for the States have not yet been released, but we'll report back with an update. Happy charging!

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