You'll Never Believe All The Beauty Products You Can Find At Target

Our love for the superstore Target cannot be summed up in a few paragraphs (although, this GIF does a pretty good job encompassing all of our feelings). We've spent many weekends aimlessly walking up and down the aisles, debating whether we really need those throw pillows, that newly on-sale candle, or that skirt from the latest designer collaboration.
Simply put: The big-box store has an impressive plethora of products to choose from, and if you've taken a trip to one recently, you probably noticed that it's slowly but surely becoming a beauty mecca, too. Target's natural hair-care selection has also grown significantly over the years, and it has added well-known brands from as far as Paris and as close as Brooklyn.
Click ahead for the top products you need to know from Tarjay. Be forewarned: You're going to need a bigger red cart.