A House Of Cards Primer: 5 Things You Need To Remember

It's Friday, Friday! Gotta get down on Friday. Everybody's calling in sick, ordering in some barbecue ribs, and settling in for 13 hours of House of Cards Season Three. Don't tell us you, like, made other plans
If you're going to sacrifice your entire weekend to a Netflix binge-fest, you need to do it properly. Are you up to speed on your plotlines? Anyone who has only watched a few episodes here and there can leave right now. This primer is aimed at those fans who know what happened to Zoe, know who Cashew is, and now think of Kevin Spacey whenever they hear the word "threesome." 
Since it's been ages since Season Two darkened our doorways, let's all take a moment to refresh our memories. Where did we leave off with those scheming Underwoods? Oh, that's right...

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