Fox Anchor Used A Racial Slur To Describe Lady Gaga's Music

Photo: Michael Yada/ABC.
Cleveland news anchor Kristi Capel, who works for a local Fox syndicate station, had to issue an apology on Twitter after a racially insensitive term she used to describe Lady Gaga's performance at the Academy Awards made international headlines. Capel was talking about Gaga's Sound of Music tribute with co-anchor Wayne Dawson when she remarked that, "It's hard to really hear her voice with all the jigaboo music that she does, or whatever you want to call it. She has a gorgeous voice; I never knew!"

"Jigaboo" is a derogatory term for African-Americans, and commenters immediately took to social media to protest Capel's usage of the word. Capel soon apologized for using it on Twitter.

"I deeply regret my insensitive comment. I didn't know the meaning and would never intentionally use hurtful language. I sincerely apologize," she tweeted from the handle @Kristi_Capel. 

Capel also issued an on-air apology this morning at 6:45. "I just want to take a moment to address a comment that I made yesterday that got a lot of attention," reported the anchor saying. "It's important for me to let you know that I deeply regret my insensitive comment. I truly did not know the meaning of the word and would never intentionally use such hurtful language."

Despite her sincere regret, a few Twitter users continued to slam Capel's word choice. She responded to one user, @boycourt93, who asked "What the hell is wrong with you?" 

"I do apologize if I offended you. I didn't know the meaning behind it, or that it was even a word. Thank you for watching," Capel tweeted in response.

Co-anchor Dawson voiced his support for Capel. "[It's] just one of those unfortunate things that happen. It happens to everybody. I've been working with you for three years, so I think I know your heart. And, I know you didn't mean it," Dawson said. "My prayer is that our viewers forgive and move on, because she's a good girl. She really, really is. And, I know [Capel] wouldn't say anything like that knowing, but things happen."

Lady Gaga has yet to comment on the incident. (

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