Amy Schumer Responds To Criticism Over #AskHerMore Tweet

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During last night's Academy Awards, Amy Schumer made a joke on Twitter about the #AskHerMore campaign. The social movement encourages members of the media to ask women more questions about their careers and aspirations, rather than focusing on their dresses. Schumer offered, in jest, an alternative solution to asking women more varied questions.
It's clear that the comedian was making a joke. After all, Schumer is a professional funny person. However, Bustle writer Kelsea Stahler wasn't amused. In her opinion, it was "a sarcastic quip." Stahler insists she's a fan of Schumer, but when it came to this particular joke, she wrote, "I just can't back this." Earlier this morning, Schumer responded to Stahler and her colleague, Martha Sorren, on Twitter. The comedian reminded Stahler that she does, in fact, support the #AskHerMore campaign, and that her work is focused on showing women in more interesting dimensions. 
Though it doesn't appear Stahler responded on Twitter, she did add to her story to further clarify her intent. "I know that there are already a few of you trying to assert that I just 'didn’t get' Schumer’s joke," she wrote in an updated section of the story. "But, I do get it, and that doesn’t mean I have to like it. And, that is exactly why I was so disappointed to see that someone who is doing such great things for more realistic and better representation of women with her show Inside Amy Schumer do something to so quickly undermine the uphill battle that #AskHerMore faces." We live in a world in which jokes are often squashed by a concern with what's politically correct. But, I'd prefer to live by the words of Michael Scott: "There's no such thing as an appropriate joke. That's why it's a joke." (Bustle)

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