World, Emma Watson Has Something To Say About Those Prince Harry Rumors

UPDATE: Emma had a few more thoughts on the subject, reminding us that one need not marry a prince to be a princess. This tweet pretty much proves she's not a princess, she's a queen. Bow down.

We're of mixed emotions on this news: After a flurry of rumors that Prince Harry and Emma Watson have been on "secret dates" together, the actress put a quick stop to the chatter with a tweet this morning.

"WORLD Remember that little talk we had about not believing everything written in the media?!" she wrote on Sunday morning.

On the one hand, this is disappointing news. As vague and unbelievable as the original story from Australia's Woman's Day was—something about him arranging for a party so they could meet and he'd prove to her he wasn't stuffy?—it was the kind of thing everyone loves to speculate about. Imagine, two of Britain's most famous and beloved people, out and about at all their charity events, vacationing in exotic locales, cuddling impoverished children, being beautiful. And, as many have pointed out, we'd finally get the Harry-and-Hermione happily ever after (for now), Harry Potter fans always dreamed of. 

On the other, they don't exactly scream "compatible." Sure, Harry's settled down from the wild kid who dressed as a Nazi for Halloween a few years back (this is never, ever a good idea). But this is Emma Watson, Brown graduate and feminist spokeswoman for the world. What would they even talk about?

"They share the same wicked sense of humor," a "source" told, before Emma put the kibosh on this talk. "There's a perception that Emma is quiet, polite and a typical English rose type. But she has got an element of wild child about her." This kind of comment makes us want to scream, by the way. Anyone who's ever seen her talk knows she's hilarious and witty. Smart girls don't need to prove they're wild and funny to make anyone like them, not even a prince.


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