This Is Nicki Minaj's Most Badass Interview Yet

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In a new interview with Vogue, Nicki Minaj shut down rumors that she and Meek Mill are dating. "We’ve been friends for a very, very long time, and he’s been around for a lot of things that I’ve gone through. And, that’s all I’ll say about that," she told the magazine. Now that's out of the way, we can focus on the important part of her Q&A, which is the badass way she talked about feminism.

While some female celebs shy away from the feminism question, Minaj tackled it head-on. Vogue asked the artist to describe her relationship to it. "You know, I feel like certain words can box you in," she told the magazine. "I think of myself as a woman who wants other women to be bosses and to be strong and to be go-getters. I’ve always said that, since I came in the game, even when I was doing mixtapes." 

What's special about the way Minaj describes her relationship to feminism is that she acknowledges how it comes with grey areas. "There are things that I do that feminists don’t like, and there are things that I do that they do like. I don’t label myself. I just say the truth about what I feel: I feel like women can do anything that they put their minds to. That’s really the truth — I started off with just a dream," she said.

Minaj likely received this question because of the unmistakably girl-power anthems on The Pinkprint. (For example, "Feeling Myself," which features Beyoncé, addresses female masturbation.) She addressed the sexuality part of feminism, too. "There are sexual things that I do that aren’t for a man. I feel empowered sometimes by being sexy and being comfortable enough to be sexy on camera — a lot of woman [sic] struggle with that. But, there are some days that I don’t want anyone to see me. I’m just a regular girl. Some days, I’m super-strong; some days, I’m super-insecure. But, I don’t really identify with any particular label. I just speak my truth, and if people like it, they like it, and if they bash it, they bash it."

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