Now Facebook Lets You Decide What Happens After You Die

Photo: Courtesy of Facebook.
Up until now, you didn’t have many options for updating your online persona in the afterlife. If someone passed away, his or her Facebook would've functioned just as it did, until a family member or friend figured out how to hack in or get in touch with the company to freeze it. In the meantime, that could've meant creepy notifications ("Jessica is coming to your party!") from the page of a deceased loved one.

But, according to Facebook's Newsroom, today that will change. After fielding thousands of requests from families who’ve suffered the loss of a loved one, the tech giant revealed a new policy that will let you decide what happens with your own social networking after you die. U.S. Facebook users will have the option to totally delete the page, or grant someone else (a.k.a., a "legacy contact," such as a close, trusted friend or family member) permission to take the reins.

Point persons will be able to accept friend requests, update status with informative announcements (like funeral information), and change profile pics — however, they will not be able to actually post as the deceased, nor will they be able to see private messages. Of course, this is all after your family files a report of death to the company. 

Figuring out what happens to your Facebook after you die — while you're still alive — sounds a little morbid to think about, but taking these steps will ensure your digital legacy will live on forever. And, the best part? You actually get to decide.       

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