How Designers Get Ready For NYFW

Between castings, fittings, and finally seeing the clothes they have labored over for months getting readied just days before buyers, editors, and celebrities view their shows, Fashion Week can be a long slog for designers. It's a trial by fire, and what doesn't work quickly gets discarded. 
"It's like a final exam, and I run on adrenaline. The most challenging element is keeping tabs on all the moving parts — there are just so many variables — but, it's so incredibly exciting," says New York-based designer Timo Weiland, pinning the collar of a lanky model in his Chelsea studio as the Polaroid flashes and the stylist anxiously signals to him from across the room. "It's so important to breathe and just put everything into perspective, so it becomes a healthy experience," he adds.
Amen. And, when it comes to being under pressure, we'll happily take our cues from the people who handle it best. So, R29 asked fashion's hottest talents to tell us how they keep their cool — and, most importantly, look cool — during the busiest time of the year. From the scents permeating their studios to their post-show celebratory meals, we got the dish on how they make it through the week. 

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