This Is The Hottest Accent In The World, According To You

Photographed By Lauren Perlstein.
Today in unsurprising sex-appeal news: British accents have been declared the world's sexiest, according to Time Out's annual global dating survey. This year, Time Out received responses from 11,373 people around the world and used the info to compare the dating scenes of 12 major cities: London, Paris, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo, and Beijing.

Time Out asked responders everything from which foreign accent they find the sexiest to how they feel about single life in their cities to how long they think you should wait before having sex (the average answer was 3.53 dates into a relationship, or in Time Out's words, "after the mains have been cleared and just before the crème brûlée arrives"). A resounding 26.7% affirmed that the "British accent" (whether that means Liverpool or London or even Cardiff, we can't quite say) is the sexiest, with voters in Sydney, New York, and Paris most likely to fall for the Brits' signature dulcet tones. The American accent miraculously took second place in global esteem, followed by Irish, Australian, and French accents.

The French may trail a few others in vocal appeal, but they lay claim to the world's best city for dating: Paris garnered an 83 out of 100 on a scale that measured locals' attitudes toward single living. Melbourne followed with a score of 81, Kuala Lumpur got a score of 74, and Beijing earned a score of 59. Chicago, the most dating-friendly city in the U.S., scored a 58 — so if you're an American single ready to mingle but not quite ready to make an international leap, the Windy City is not a bad place to look for love. See the full results of the Time Out survey in the infographic below.
Image: Courtesy Of Time Out.

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