Tiny Hamsters Find Love On Tiny Date

Buongiorno! Wake up and feel the love, y'all. It's everywhere! It's in the themed donuts at Dunkin', the drugstore teddy bears high-school lovebirds are frantically buying each other, and even in these two lil' hamsters' lives. 

Together, these rodents embark on a romantic evening and enjoy a gourmet meal the likes of which I've never had while on a date. (Don't ask.) They're living the tiny, love-filled adventure many of us have only dreamed of, especially since watching Lady and the Tramp — only it's more extravagant, because some human actually made it real instead of using animation.

Now, you might feel a bit silly sighing longingly as these two creatures fall in love with each nibble, but you're not alone. You might also feel a twinge of annoyance, because this human clearly had a lot time and love for his tiny pets to go to such lengths to bring them joy. Why not do that for another human? I don't know, man. Love works in mysterious ways — and it was clearly made for these two.  

(But, it was also made for me and you!)

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