Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Brings A Whole Lotta Vulva

Photo: Sports Illustrated.
Last night, Sports Illustrated released the cover of its 2015 swimsuit issue, featuring 24-year-old model Hannah Davis. Like, a lot of 24-year-old model Hannah Davis. It features so much of 24-year-old model Hannah Davis that the magazine cropped the photo on its own Instagram account, perhaps concerned about getting flagged. If so, it's understandable, because that is quite a whole lotta vulva right there, fellas.  It's not the first time Sports Illustrated has rocked a pubic mound (yes, that is part of the vulva) on a swimsuit issue, though it may mark the first recorded printing of labia majora on the cover of a mainstream publication, depending on how heavily this baby's photoshopped. The ol' pulling-down-my-underpants look is a popular pose in swimwear modeling — and there's an entire PhD thesis somewhere in that topic. But, we'll leave that to you budding sociologists and women's studies majors. For our part, we'll simply congratulate 24-year-old model Hannah Davis for what is an undeniable career milestone. To Sports Illustrated, we'll just say, that is one serious crotch shot.  Editor's note: It is exciting to see fierce anatomical opinions being expressed in the comments, but we are committed to telling the truth about bodies here at Refinery29 and don't want any misinformation floating about. So we'd like to reiterate  that, as you can see if you follow the link to Our Bodies, Ourselves that Kelsey provided, the mons pubis is part of the vulva, along with the vestibular glands, the  labia majora and minora, the introitus, and lots of other good things. 

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