30 Heartbreaking Wiki Pages That'll Tear You Apart

Beyond its inherent procrastination capabilities, Wikipedia has the power to trigger strong emotional reactions. Fear: Take your pick from these spooky stories. Excitement: Getting details on that new album or film you've been clamoring for. Wonder: Re-discovering fascinating factoids your schoolteachers were trying to teach you all along. And, of course, sadness.

You know the feeling. One second you're casually looking up the name of some child star from your favorite old film. The next, you're plunged into despair as you're confronted with tragic tales of abuse, addiction, depression, disease, accidents — the lot. It's genuinely heartrending, and all too often involves a pop culture figure with more talent than luck, as well as the horrific price that fame exacts. 

If you think you can handle it, grab some tissues and brace yourself for some of the saddest stories in pop culture history. 

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