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The Latest Take On The Cat-Eye Is A Total Throwback

Photo: MCV Photo.
Attempting to put a new spin on the cat-eye is kind of like trying to reinvent the wheel: How many ways can you really do it? Perhaps that's why, rather than coming out with something crazy and new, Atelier Versace showed an updated take on the classic '60s cat-eye at its spring 2015 show in Paris last night: an oversized wing extended up and over the crease. It's a look we haven't seen in a while, originally made popular by models like Edie Sedgwick and Twiggy.  According to Style.com, Pat McGrath used black liner on some models and blue on others. She overdrew the wing, and then continued the line up and over the crease. To offset the heavy top lid, McGrath then applied some white liner to the waterline, which helped open up the eye. We love the way the subtle smoke on the corner of the wing helps elevate and modernize this look: Anything too smudgy would be way too vintage. We wouldn't wear this every day. But, there's something sexy and rock-'n'-roll about eyes shrouded in black — and, in this case, navy. If you're not so skilled with liquids, reach for a felt-tipped applicator (they're easier to handle than brushes). Although, we think a less-than-perfect line would just add to the badassery of it all. Just ask yourself: What would Edie do?