Emma Stone Has The Best Story About Meryl Streep

Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.
Emma Stone took a major fashion risk in Dior at the SAG Awards tonight — and that's not the only one she took. Stone also did something we definitely believe was a red carpet first: She told a story involving both Meryl Streep and cocaine during her interview with E! Maria Menounos brought up Stone's current gig in Cabaret on Broadway, and said that Eddie Redmayne mentioned getting anxious when he knew there was a famous person in the audience. (Side note: We hope Menounos picked up that name she dropped on her way out.) Is it the same for Stone?, Menounos asked. Turns out, not really. "I don't really look out in the audience that much. Usually the people are sitting a few rows back so you don't really see them," Stone said. She did have one minor freakout over a fellow thesp coming to watch her perform, though. "Meryl Streep came last week, and my voice was gone," Stone confessed. "I freaked out and she was so sweet about it." It turns out that Meryl Streep is every bit as awesome as you think, and she had a ready-made excuse for Stone. "She was like, 'It's the cocaine!'" Stone took a moment to clarify to anyone watching, saying "I don't do cocaine," before continuing with her story about Streep. "I was like, 'Thank you for making the excuse for me; my voice is gone.'" Her Meryl-induced, no-voice meltdown may have been terrible at the time, but Stone has now had some time to reflect on it. She realizes what an amazing story it will be going forward. Plus, "I got cocaine on E!," she gleefully stated. And that, dear friends, is a story about the time Meryl Streep jokingly blamed Emma Stone's lack of voice on cocaine.

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