Single? Don’t Worry! This App Will Send You Love Letters And Flowers

Being single would be so much easier if there was at least someone to shower you with flowers and love letters, right? Well, you're in luck. For a price, you can get sent loving texts, voicemails and even handwritten notes from someone pretending to be your sweetie, thanks to a new service called Invisible Boyfriend or Invisible Girlfriend. The service launches in beta this week and starts at $24.99 a month, according to CNN. If you've ever wished for a significant other just to shut up nagging relatives over the holidays, you can thank us later. In the meantime, we're just wondering why this wasn't around in 1985. Think about it: The crew from The Breakfast Club probably would have been more likely to believe sweet Brian's story about the mystery girl from Niagara Falls (you wouldn't know her) if he had a few photos for proof, right?
And, poor Jan Brady, always in big sister Marcia's shadow. Her family might have bought her story about a new boyfriend had a gorgeous bouquet of roses arrived. (Then again, we wouldn't have this amazing George Glass meme.)
In Bridesmaids, Kristen Wiig's character took a cue from Jan when she told Jon Hamm that she, too, was seeing a "George Glass."

There's no shortage of fake lovers on the big screen, from Napoleon Dynamite's "model" girlfriend from Oklahoma to Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston's bogus relationship in Just Go With It. There's even a movie called Fake Fiancé

But, seriously, some of us might really need this service. Just check out this poor woman's Instagram of texts from her mom, which include reminders that her biological clock is ticking. Tick tock.

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