Confirmed: Taylor Swift Has A Belly Button

Some of you may have noticed that Taylor Swift's signature look of late is a crop top. While her go-to combo of a belly-baring top and high-waist bottoms always reveals a flash of her flat midriff, her belly button is never on display. Naturally, this has driven countless fans to distraction. Is it an innie? An outie? OMG, does she even have a bellybutton? Did she lose it in a gory cat claw battle after accidentally serving Olivia Benson her Pellegrino at room temperature?  Now everybody can chill. Swift has at long last revealed her never-seen navel in a series of swimsuit shots posted on Instagram. Judging by the photos, it looks to be a perfectly normal innie, and free of lint. Judging by the accompanying comments, everyone is so busy freaking out at the appearance of her belly button that they've barely noticed she's hanging out in Maui with all three Haim sisters. 

Greetings from Maui! @haimtheband

Una foto publicada por Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) el

Anyway, we're glad to see the pop star took our advice (not that she needed to). On an unrelated note, isn't the gal's cat art simply delightful? Maybe that'll give us something to talk about now that her bellybutton's been located. 

Opener Image: 
REX USA/Picture Perfect.

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