This Dog's Bucket List Might Just Inspire You

Photo: Courtesy of Lauren Fern Watt
When Lauren Fern Watt found out her English Mastiff was dying of bone cancer, she came up with a memorable way to honor her best gal Gizelle's last few months. Watt made up a bucket list of adventures, from going on a canoe with her 160-pound pup to posing with a posse of Santa pugs. These activities and resolutions, like enjoying something as simple as a day spent people-watching in the park, didn't just help Lauren deal with the looming loss of her companion; they also served as a great reminder to savor each second they had together.
One of those resolutions was simply to cuddle more. "Sure, Gizelle was bigger than me, but she never knew it. After I discovered she was dying, dog hair on my once-forbidden bed and slobber on my face didn’t seem to matter as much as spending time cuddling with Gizelle. She helped teach me that love is the most wonderful gift I can receive, and it is the best thing I have to give. My lap became her desired seat, and it was awesome."

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