Here Are Two Cute Cat Videos To Kick Off Your Weekend

It's FRIDAY! That means you're either ready to strap on a
feedbag full of white wine or getting ready to go out and partayyyyy. Or maybe both! Either
way, we're certain you need some cute pets to get you through your day.

First off, we have a little orange tabby who is flipping out
about a Ted bear. Maybe this cat saw
the Oscars a few years ago and is still angry about Seth MacFarlane's "We
Saw Your Boobs" musical interlude? Or else the cat's is really stoked for Ted 2, in which case we're a tad concerned for its owners.

Second, we have what looks like a fancy Bengal cat massaging the head of a very chill Weimaraner. It's actually quite soothing! Bonus points for interspecies snorgling.
Of course, we're not opposed to videos of all sorts of creatures, whether they're furry, feathered, covered in scales, or under the sea. Feel free to share your favorites in the comments.  

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