Prep For Girls Season 4 With A Season 3 Rehash

With less than a day left until the premiere of Girls season 4 — we've only watched the extended trailer a few times, just a few — we realized it's been almost a year since we last spent time with Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna.
It's natural to have forgotten some of the minor (and major) plot points. If you haven't had time for a marathon catch-up, don't worry, you're covered.
You know she's not a role model (Lena told you so herself), but season 3 showed Hannah getting a book deal, losing her book deal (when her editor died, and yes that is a real thing that happens to writers), and taking a depressing job writing advertising copy. In a fit of frustration, she applies to the Iowa Writer's Workshop — which, let's be honest, is the fuel for many grad school decisions — but the ending of last season left us hanging on whether she decided to attend.
And, what about Adam and Hannah? Last season she accused him of "leaving in such slow motion that she won't even notice." While that line is so perfect, we suspect (okay, it's totally given away in the trailers) that Adam and Hannah will continue to torture each other this season.
Marnie. Oh Marnie. First she broke the code and slept with Shosh's ex, who she was still hung up on (you kinda just don't do that). Then she started a musical collaboration with Desi — who also had a girlfriend — that turned into an end-of-season kiss. We're not optimistic about this one.
Jessa is everyone's hot-mess friend who you don't realize you can't save until you're over 30, and by then (hopefully!) she's saved herself and has her life more together than you do. When we last saw Jessa, she had just helped her boss attempt suicide, which is pretty out there, even for Jessa.
Shoshanna spent most of last season on and off with Ray and attempting to graduate from college. We're hoping Ray is in the rearview this season, and maybe Shosh will visit Hannah in Iowa and meet a hot farmer. Wait, isn't that the plot of the new season of The Bachelor?
Still want more? Watch the extended trailer one more time before Sunday night!

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