This Supermodel Is Making Armpit Hair Mainstream

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To say that female body hair is a controversial topic is putting things mildly. Whether it's colorful pits, razor-free legs, or the now-ubiquitous bush, whenever things start to get hairy on the ladies, someone always has something to say about it. Well, one supermodel is attempting to thrust this idea into the spotlight and make it more acceptable. She is none other than Daria Werbowy, who snapped an Instagram shot of herself sporting some armpit fuzz a couple of days ago.
While the idea of posting body hair on Instagram isn't exactly revolutionary, there's something special about Daria's photo. We thought long and hard about whether any other models have openly displayed their armpit hair, on social media or otherwise, and couldn't come up with anyone. That makes Daria the first — at least in recent memory. And, considering the super has made a career based on epitomizing the traditional standards of beauty, this is no small deal.
Society looks to models to be the pinnacles of female beauty. They're idolized, revered, and packaged as beings we should aspire to be like. Until recently, that meant hairless, smooth, and (sometimes) oiled-up. But, this candid snap of Daria may signal a change in the tide. If more models begin to outwardly challenge beauty conventions — with body hair, piercings, or otherwise — perhaps the industry (and haters) will start to take notice.
This also further proves that the body-hair acceptance "trend" doesn't just exist on the fringes. Familiar faces are beginning to embrace it, which means that we'll likely be seeing it more and more. Society will just have to deal, right? If one thing's certain, there are going to be a hell of a lot of opinions about it.

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