Jourdan Dunn Shares Her Secret To Flawless Selfies

Start the week off with a selfie ?

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We couldn't have been happier when British Vogue announced last week that Jourdan Dunn would appear on its February cover. Not only is British Vogue really overdue for a solo black cover model (it's been 12 years), but more J. Dunn is always a good thing in our book — as the video below proves.
The clip offers a peek inside Dunn's New York City apartment, which is already pretty fun for the voyeuristic fangirls in us. But, there are also some very telling interview questions, which is how we found out Dunn has some damn strong feelings about feet (let's say her apartment is not shoe-optional), talking on the phone (hates it — which is cool, we can text), and twerking (yeah, no).
The best part is when Dunn demonstrates her go-to selfie pose — which you will surely recognize from multiple Instagram pics. We tried her advice, and we're already rolling in the "likes." Click below to learn her secrets. (Vogue UK)

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