Your Horoscope For This Week — Jan 11 2015

Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Buckle up, stargazers: This week’s cosmic energy could make us feel like we’re gunning our engines and slamming on the brakes at the same time. On Monday, high-octane Mars drifts into dreamy, subdued Pisces until February 19 — an oddball matchup if ever there was one. For the next five weeks, we’ll feel tired and wired at once, as if we just followed Phish on a 10-city tour or gulped down a 5-hour Energy shot after pulling two consecutive all-nighters. Surreal (or downright psychedelic) vibes aside, Mars in Pisces also brings the magic. Keep the door unlocked for the muse: There’s momentum galore for creative projects. Many artistic legends were born under the sign of Pisces: Michelangelo, Alexander McQueen, Kurt Cobain. These guys dug deep for their genius, and Mars in Pisces will give us all a chance to do the same. Romance will have a fairy-tale quality to it, and with influence from impatient Mars we could gallop off to “happily ever after” faster than expected. Are you sick of dwelling on the same painful subject (last summer’s breakup, mean girls from seventh grade…) without making progress? Like a heavenly Oprah and Dr. Phil rolled into one, Mars in Pisces can speed up emotional healing. The time has come to get over it already!

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