Beyoncé & Jay Z Are Having The Ultimate Icelandic Christmas

Photo: Via Instagram.
There are certain givens in life. You will die, you will pay taxes, and your Christmas will not be half as good as whatever Beyoncé and Jay Z are doing. Case in point: this year's Carter family pilgrimage to Iceland. Pack it up, we lose.
The First Family Of The Universe are currently cooling their heels — literally — in the snowy Nordic climes of Anywhere, Iceland. They're making snow angels. They're sipping very, very chilled Champagne. They're taking helicopter rides. They're swathed in polar bear onesies and feasting on reindeer fillets encased in gold leaf. Blue Ivy just got Bjork for Christmas. Or so we imagine.
Click through to see just how well Bey & Jay do Christmas. Suddenly, taking the LIRR to Mom and Dad's doesn't look like such an effort.

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