10 Perfect Anna Kendrick Quotes To Live By

Photo: REX USA/David Fisher/Rex.
Anna Kendrick has carved out a special space for herself in Hollywood. While many actresses are talking about their diets and beauty routines, Kendrick live-tweets #PeterPanLive. She's the gorgeous woman who doesn't care about being on one of those sexy-people lists. She's the one talking to David Letterman about dildos. And, that's just the kind of life we want.
Thus, Kendrick emerges universally adored — an inspiration for the kind of devil-may-care existence we aim to live. She's also managed to avoid the typecast that befalls so many female celebrities. She's been featured in everything from her inaugural Up in the Air opposite George Clooney to her newest Into the Woods opposite major stars — including Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, and Chris Pine.
We caught up with Kendrick about her new role, her irresistible Twitter account, and what it's like to date in the land of famous people. It all added up to 10 must-read quotes about love, life, and everything in between.

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