Beyoncé Gets Real Personal In New Retrospective Video

December 13, 2014 marks the one year anniversary Beyoncé "changed the game with that digital drop." It's the project that has come to and will continue to define her. It's the strategic move that made Beyoncé Beyoncé.
Famous, feminist, and a little bit filthy, Beyoncé's visual album delivered the most personal lyrics in her entire musical oeuvre. Yet she, despite her honesty, remained untouchable. She became even more extraordinarily elusive.
Bey talks about this in a new video celebrating the year since the visual album dropped. "When you're famous, no one looks at you like you're human anymore," she confides. "You become the property of the public." Bey goes on to discuss her experience maturing before the public, the lessons she's learned, and, yes, the big F-word she's come to be the face for.
In Internet time, the video is a bit long, but it's worth it. Her musings are inspiring and inherently genuine. Beyoncé could read nutrition facts off a box of Cheerios and it'd be just as soothing. There's none of that here, though. Just honest, raw, and personal Beyoncé.

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