Important Beyoncé Facts You Need To Be Made Aware Of

As citizens of this planet, we are obligated to inform you that today is Beyoncé's birthday. For 33 years, her grace, wisdom, and perfect-pitch voice has been cherished and lauded from sea to shining sea. (It's rumored that her influence is felt across galaxies, but that is just hearsay. Probable, but don't quote us.)
For a woman so public, however, she herself has remained fairly private. We know Beyoncé, the brand. But, who is Beyoncé, the woman? We are, after all, operating under the assumption that she is in fact a woman, and not an extraterrestrial goddess beamed down from the heavens to ensnare the global population in some sort of new age feminist cult.
So, we dug up 20 facts about the true elusive chanteuse. But, we're keen on learning through games like, say, 2 Truths & A Lie. You know the drill: One fact is a lie, the other two are real — guess which one is the lie. Tread lightly, though. The power of B knows no bounds.
Oh, and happy beydey, girl!

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