10 Personal Lyrics From BEYONCÉ That Leave You Wanting More

Beyoncé can't pull a Beyoncé twice. We've had full warning about her forthcoming rerelease of last year's surprise visual album for a few weeks or so. As of today, there are two new songs — in addition to a few remixes of old ones — to add to the growing collection of Yoncé tracks you may or may not admit to playing 24/7. (It's okay if you do.)
While some album rereleases sound like b-sides with the sole purpose of bringing in more money, these new tracks could've easily fit in among the original's 14. They contain lyrics that are, in true Beyoncé form, universally personal. Of course, Bey doesn't exclusively write all of her material, but that doesn't mean she has no say in what she's going to talk about. And, both parts of BEYONCÉ offer rare lyrical glimpses into her personal life while remaining relatable enough for all.
Click through for 10 lyrics that show Bey getting real real. This time, there's no Sasha Fierce to hide behind. Oh no — now the music's personal.

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