8 Beyoncé Videos We Almost Forgot About

We know, we know. We also spent the better part of yesterday watching Beyoncé's sex-ay new "Haunted" video on repeat. Then today, we woke and dove back into the black hole that is Vevo.
Now, that might sound like an unproductive use of time, but we're talking about Beyoncé here. The woman has pretty much had more iconic music videos than she has had birthdays, and that's not even including the stuff she did with Destiny's Child. And, well, once you go back to the DC days, you just unearth tons of visual goodness.
The eight videos we've pulled may not be the most famous, the most stylish, or the most likely to be recreated at your cousin's wedding — but, hey, they're still pretty entertaining. Beyoncé busts out a thousand choreographed dance moves and switches up her hair and makeup every two seconds. These babies may not have stood the test of time, but they're worth a watch. Keep bringing it, Bey.
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Video: Courtesy VEVO.
"Freakum Dress," 2007

Bey described this admittedly cheesy video as "flamboyant," and she wasn't wrong. Mama Tina Knowles designed 30(!) dresses for the shoot. But, really, isn't everything this woman wears "Freakum"-caliber?
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Video: Courtesy VEVO.
"Bug a Boo," 1999

Right now, countless Millennials are asking, "What's a pager? Who's MCI?" Everyone else is just wondering why on the earth the girls get into the annoying dude's car at the end.
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Video: Courtesy VEVO.
"Countdown," 2011

In which Bey channels Audrey Hepburn and Blue Ivy makes her debut as a baby bump.
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Video: Courtesy VEVO.
"Upgrade U," 2006

Brace yourself for Bey's impersonation of Jay Z. It's just a little bit weird.
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Video: Courtesy VEVO.
"Girl," 2005

Look it's Sex and the City? Wait, no, it's Destiny's Child! But, which one is Samantha?
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Video: Courtesy VEVO.
"Party," 2011

No joke: We love trailer-park Beyoncé — especially when Solange and Kelly Rowland are with her.
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Video: Courtesy VEVO.
"Work It Out," 2002

Remember that time Bey starred in Austin Powers in Goldmember? That inspired this music video, which features a retro funk band and a Fat Bastard cameo. So, so strange.
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Video: Courtesy VEVO.
"Get Me Bodied," 2006

Ah, yes. Another dance routine to learn.
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