Bad News For People Who Are Obsessed With Avocados

Illustrated by Ammiel Mendoza.
From toast to soup, avocados have become a favorite ingredient in almost every meal (okay, maybe not for everyone). But, a few months ago, we got word of Chipotle's possible guac price increase — and we were scared. Now, with the release of a new report, it seems like an avocado shortage is more likely than ever.
The reason for these avocado scares comes down to water supply — you know, the kind that comes from the sky. And, according to a report released last week, California's current drought is the worst one it's faced in 1,200 years. This is particularly bad news for avocado lovers, because growing just a pound of those green nuggets requires over 70 gallons of water. And, a whopping 95% of the avocados grown in the U.S. are from California farms.
Even Subway knows how obsessed we are with avocados. But, why do we love them so, so much? Well, besides the fact that their creamy flesh tastes amazing, they're also high in healthy, mood-boosting omega-3 fats as well as antioxidants. And, they contain a higher amount of protein than other fruits (about four grams each).
But, even in the face of the avopocalypse, we must have hope. So, stock up while you still can and get used to these guacamole alternatives.
Click through to see a video about the drought in California and how researchers are investigating it.

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